Cliff-side Spanish: Tapas and sangria at El Kabron in Bali

Perched on a cliff’s edge, El Kabron offers panoramic views of the Indian Ocean and serves up some seriously tasty Spanish cuisine. Located in Uluwatu, away from the buzzing touristy areas of Bali, this restaurant and cliffside club is an oasis for seclusion and indulgence. El Kabron is most definitely one of Bali’s hidden gems, treating all those who find it to the allure of its exclusivity.

Entry and inclusions

I’ve been to El Kabron twice and both times were in the month of February – one of the rainiest seasons in Bali. The first time was with my friend and we arrived around lunchtime. After spending much of the afternoon at El Kabron, I promised I’d come back from a sunset session. I kept that promise coming back a year later with my mum.

Upon arrival at El Kabron, you’re required to pay a cover charge. The first time I dined at El Kabron, we each paid IDR 350, 000 ticket (AUD 35) for entry to the beach club with a table inside the restaurant. The ticket price included the RP 50,000 cover charge and gave each of us an IDR 300,000 tab to pay for any food and drinks we ordered.

The second time, my mum and I booked a table in the pool area, which overlooks the Indian Ocean – the perfect spot for sunset watching. A table by the pool set us back IDR 550,000 (AUD 55) each and our package included prime seating, cover charge, IDR 300,000 (AUD 30) tab to put toward food and drinks and a glass of MOET.

For a more intimate experience, El Kabron offers one other dining option on the balcony located right on the cliff’s edge. This seems much more secluded and is away from the party vibes of the pool area – I imagine it would be suitable for a romantic sunset for two. I can’t speak for this experience as I haven’t dined in this section, but pricing for a table in this section will set you back IDR 750,000 (AUD 75) per person.

Please be mindful that service taxes and fees will be added to your final bill, and the prices above are not all-inclusive. 

Food and drinks


El Kabron has a delicious menu full of Spanish tapas, delectable desserts, and fruit-filled drinks. On my first dining experience, my friend and I began by ordering our drinks – white and red sangria. (And, it was possibly the best sangria I’ve ever had!) We waited for our drinks to arrive before we ordered food and giving ourselves a bit more time to ponder the tapas list.

Among the tapas I’ve tried, one of my favourite dishes is ‘patatas a la llama con all i old’, which are potatoes cooked on the grill until tender, then doused with a Spanish variation of aioli and baked. The sauce was a little cheesy, with a creamy texture. We also tried the ‘brochettes de pollo ecologico trufado,’ which were truffled organic chicken pieces served on skewers.

The second time I returned, I wanted to order the same potato dish. But in my excitement to order, I asked for the ‘papatas con “all i oli” y huevas de arenque’ instead, which were potatoes dress with aioli and caviar. The funniest thing about ordering this dish was that I didn’t know what the black, little balls were and since I don’t usually like seafood I never would have intentionally tried caviar – but surprisingly, these were not bad.

All the tapas dishes we tried were incredibly tasty, and even though my company and I were tempted to order more we knew to leave room for dessert.

The first time at El Kabron, my friend and I shared the ‘France “Petit Fours”‘, which featured bite-sized portions of cheesecake, sachertorte, triple chocolate brownies, macarons, almond financiers and coffee-chocolate truffle. Our favourites were the cheesecake, which had a slight lemon tang, and the sachertorte. The second time, my dessert of choice was the ‘Morocco “Menta Y Chocolate.”

Overall, the food and drinks were full of delicious flavours. The presentation was precise, thoughtful, and aesthetically pleasing.

Service and staff

I’ve always found service in Bali to be impeccable, and El Kabron’s waitstaff did not disappoint.

Upon arrival at El Kabron the very first time, the staff excitedly welcomed us through the doors and sat us on the best table available – given it was a rainy day and we were the only ones there when we arrived. Our drinks and food were fast to arrive at our table. The staff were attentive to our every need. They even monitored the whims of mother nature and asked us if we wanted to move when it began to rain or when the wind changed direction. We even struck up a conversation with one of the waitstaff, who was incredibly friendly and worldly, and he told us about his previous work on a cruise ship.

The second time I dined at the cliffside restaurant, my mum and I were promptly escorted our to our table – and were given the best available seating in the pool area. As we made our way to our table, we were greeted by waitstaff and the manager, who happened to be overseeing the pool area at that time. Our food and drinks were again quick to arrive at the table. Considering that there were far more patrons dining on this occasion, I can say for certain the service at El Kabron is timely and the staff are attentive.

The El Kabron Experience


Despite my first time at El Kabron being welcomed by a rainy afternoon, my friend and I had an incredible dining experience at El Kabron. Even when it was time to leave, I probably could have stayed longer. The only downside of our experience was the weather – an uncontrollable circumstance. Due to the rainy weather, this meant that the outside area and pool were closed while we were there. Even though it was a bit of a shame, the view was breath-taking and we were able to watch the storm roll in.

As soon as I booked my next trip to Bali, I knew that I needed to get back to El Kabron for a sunset. But on my next trip, from the day we arrived in Bali leading up to the morning of our reservation day, the weather had been awful – rainy, cloudy, and grey with absolutely no trace of blue sky. By some sort of miracle, the sky began to clear in the afternoon right before our reservation time and I got to witness the much-anticipated sunset. (Thank you Mother Nature!)

El Kabron is a setting – weather permitting – that offers everything you’d need for a day of wining and dining in the sun. From lunchtime onwards, you can soak up the sun or relax in their infinity pool overlooking the Indian Ocean until its time for the sun to go down. Because of its location, El Kabron boasts having one of the best sunset views – and it’s true!

Reservations and details


If you don’t want to miss out on El Kabron’s sunset experience, I would most certainly recommend making a reservation beforehand. You can make a booking on El Kabron’s website, phone +62 85100803416 or email

Facilities at El Kabron include an infinity pool so I’d recommend taking your bathers. But do leave your selfie sticks at home because they will only take these off you at the door. I didn’t have a selfie stick, but I did have my GoPro floating handle and that was looked after by security until I left to go home. So keep that in mind.

El Kabron is located on Jl. Pantai Cemongkak, Pecatu, Bali, Indonesia. Depending on which area you are staying it may be a considerable distance from your accommodation. I found the experience worth the drive – especially if you make an afternoon/ evening of it! I would also recommend ensuring your driver definitely knows where they are going before they start driving as the road to El Kabron is narrow and winding, and there are only a few signs along the way. Both times I’ve been, my drivers have gotten lost.

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    1. Haha I assumed it may have translated to something along the lines of ‘the goat’ (their logo is a goat and when I’ve researched it in the past, I think one Spanish translation suggested it also meant goat), but when I’ve used an online translator just now I know why it made you laugh! But definitely a very nice setting and delicious food. 🙂

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